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Yes, they're fake part 2

Emotional update

So I finally graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in strategic communications and a marketing minor. Now it’s time for the next big challenge of my life- my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy is tomorrow at noon. It’s crazy to believe that after seven years of planning this, the day is finally here. I decided I was going to go through with this procedure when I was sixteen in the case that my genetic testing came back with a BRCA positive result and I’m strangely at peace knowing it will all finally be over soon. While I am calm and accepting of my situation tonight, I’m sure there will be plenty of anxiety tomorrow morning. For those of you who are curious, the whole procedure should take around four hours and I will hopefully be home from the hospital between 24 and 48 hours later.

I won’t be able to lift my arms higher than my mid-waist, I won’t be able to drive, and I won’t be able to lift or pull more than two pounds (I’m most worried about not being able to get into the refrigerator- self-professed binge snacker here) for several weeks. However, I am optimistic about the reconstruction and look forward to a slightly smaller and more manageable chest size (open back dresses and spaghetti straps here I come!)

I want to say thank you in advance to everyone who has provided support and kind words over the past several weeks, months, and years leading up to this surgery and to everyone who will be there for me throughout the recovery. It has truly made all the difference in reminding me why I decided to go through with this procedure in the first place. Fun fact:  some of my friends even threw me a surprise “bye bye boobies” party yesterday. I have truly been gifted with the most amazing people in my life. 

Stay posted

I will likely be writing a post-surgery blog several days after the procedure if at all possible with updates about the surgery and the emotional and physical effects. While this particular blog today is more personal, I do want to make sure I am able to provide some insight and awareness to any other individuals who may have a BRCA mutation or who may decide to undergo this preventative surgery. Feel free to subscribe to my blog here or just check in every now and again for future updates. Until next time.


Amanda Hagley


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