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It takes a little darkness

I live in Ohio and, for those of you who don’t know what Ohio weather is like, imagine a temperamental teenager, going through her rebellious stage, who just got broken up with by her first true love- that’s our weather. But the Ohio weather made me realize something today, and even though it may be a cliche message, I still want you all to hear it.

This winter was terrible, one of the worst we’ve had in Ohio in several years. We had negative temperatures, freezing rain, tons of ice, and an abundance of snow. I went off the road at least once and had my car pushed out of the snow and ice by friendly strangers on two separate occasions. I think I could actually feel the sunshine twice.

But then we had today. Oh, today was a gift. There was a beautiful thunderstorm in the early morning. Then, everything changed. We reached temperatures of over 60 degrees; the most gentle, warm breeze caressed every face. And the sun, oh lord the sun, it had such an effect.

I realized today as I was actually enjoying my walk to work for the first time in months that I could never enjoy the warm days like today if I hadn’t gone through such a gruesome winter. I couldn’t appreciate jumping over puddles if I hadn’t been dodging patches of ice every day. I couldn’t enjoy the sun if I hadn’t become so accustomed to the darkness.

So what do I take from this? One very simple fact, it’s really nothing new. No matter how cold the winter, how frigid the wind may be, or how much darkness may consume your days (yes, I’m speaking in metaphors here, keep up) there is always a brighter day ahead. And because you have gone through these unforgiving winters, may you truly gain the gift of getting to cherish the days when the sun decides to shine.


Amanda Hagley


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