10 things you learn from being a Bobcat

1. Stay off the sidewalk

If you’ve ever been to a fest at Ohio University, you know the rules.  Stay on the grass, carry your cup upside down if you’re crossing the street, don’t set anything on fire, and don’t pee in public.  Do we always do these things? No way.  But hey, at least we can say we know better, right?

2. Jeff and Morton aren’t people, and they certainly aren’t your friends

Anyone living anywhere on campus that isn’t West Green ( the place I so fondly called home my first two years in paradise) knows all about Jeff and Morton.  I don’t care how in shape you are or if it’s 10 degrees outside, if you’re going up those hills you’ll be two things when you reach the top – sweaty and out of breath.

3. You can never own too much Bobcat apparel 

Every time I go home my friends always make the same comments, “Don’t you own anything without a paw print on it” and “Why are you so obsessed with your school.” My answers? “NOPE.” and “Because it is HEAVEN on earth.” Come at me. OU? Oh Yeah.

4. Do NOT get fired from dining services

Once you do, there’s no going back. Once you’re fired from one location of dining services, you get blacklisted- real talk.  And with around 17,000 undergraduate students in Athens alone, you’re going to be fighting for the few jobs left in town, and chances are, you won’t always win.  Have fun asking mommy and daddy for your beer money after getting burned by OU dining.

5. Fall, Winter, Fest Season, Summer

At Ohio University, there is no spring, there is only fest season. Mill Iron, Mill, Palmer, High, #fest, pick your poison. As long as we don’t keep having debbie-downers like those responsible for basically killing Palmer Place fest (may it rest in peace), fest season at Ohio University will continue to be the best season at Ohio University.

6. OU doesn’t understand how thermostats work

Alden, Bentley, Morton.  Need I say more?  We all know that it’s hotter than Satan’s armpit in these buildings and it doesn’t even matter what month it is.  So if you’re bundling up, you better be wearing some layers that you can strip off so you don’t suffocate on the heat and stench of a muggy Bentley classroom.

7. We plan our Halloween costumes a year in advance 

Halloween at OU is like every college student’s Christmas.  One night of complete insanity.  People come from far and wide and usually “can’t hang” quite like the Bobcats can.  When else can adults dress up in ridiculous outfits and go to a crazy block party in the middle of town?  And although there are certainly other Halloween block parties in the world, Athens just happens to do it best.

8.  High heels just aren’t worth it 

Unless you live on Court Street, high heels just aren’t really worth the hassle.  Are they super attractive? Yes.  Do I like being over six foot tall when I wear them? Yes.  But it’s just not worth it in Athens. Between trying to trek up and down the hills and getting your heel stuck in the bricks, you’re  better off just opting for some boots or sandals.  Trust me on this one.

9. We have the best food

Heading to uptown Athens means heading to an Oasis full of delicious dining choices, and you don’t even have to be intoxicated to enjoy them.  My personal favorites?  Burrito Buggy, O’Betty’s, Bagel Street Deli, and Chicken and Waffle.  But the list doesn’t end there.  If those don’t tickle your fancy, you can always opt for Big Mamma’s, GoodFella’s, Wings Over, Munch Box, Brenen’s, Whit’s, Souvlakis, Ali Babba, and plenty more.  You should never go hungry when you’re in Athens.

10. We LOVE our school 

I don’t think that I have ever met a soul at Ohio University that wasn’t happy to be here.  We love our school, we love our town, we love our students.  Simple as that.  This is our home and we’ll never forget it.  The thought of ever leaving is enough to put us in tears, but we still don’t let that ruin our good time.  Bobcats know the definition of “Work hard, play harder.”  Because what’s the point of life if you can’t have a little fun here and there?


Amanda Hagley


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